UFO's and ET's

Later in my life, I was shown their ships after telepathic visits in waking dreams. These ships were like nothing I have ever seen or that has been described. They were black with a hexagon shape or depending on the view, an Isosceles trapezoid shape. These ships moved fluid, like a fish in water, as though someone was just telling it to move with their mind. The ships attached to one another like magnets do form a bigger craft. Once connected they moved together across the night sky, with a few lights to simulate stars. One of these crafts floated down in front of my van as I was traveling down highway ten, just out of Tuscon Ar, as I was headed toward the New Mexico border. I knew it wanted me to see it because it stopped and began advancing along in front my moving van with precision. It then proceeded to float over a nearby building and hovered as I passed. I kept looking at it through the passenger side window. It twirled while something from the bottom telescopically came out and went back in. Multicolored lights displayed then went back to a solid white. It took off as a helicopter does, but completely silent and with ease. It took no more than a few seconds for it to join with the others, flying off to the distant mountains. 


I and a friend were living in a government home for indigent people called Jackson Isle, in Midway City, California. That place had us monitored at all hours, and was funded by Bank of America, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and many others. We had enough after seeing how money was being trafficked through places like that, through HUD, for secret space programs, so my friend and I decided to move to Texas, where I could be closer to my father, with the help of some friends back east. I was called in for a psych evaluation before leaving, and someone from the FBI questioned me there, asking me to give reasons for going to Texas. Oddly enough I had an episode in the welfare office that was similar. Another FBI agent was telling me I am jeopardizing my freedom in a small locked room. Is anyone else questioned by government officials as much, or is it just me? I asked myself. It seems I am monitored wherever I go in America. Now I just accept it as fact for the most part. On our way to Texas, John and I saw a series of U.F.O.s. They were impressive to look at, and very close to the van, as they traveled along with us. This was another incident that validated why I may be here; maybe I was meant to witness some of these things. I did receive some telepathic imagery from the ship that was the closest to us, so drew a picture of what I saw. I was surprised when I drew it because the being seemed so familiar to me. The humanoid would later come to me in a waking meditation and seemed to monitor me. I got the impression that it was a manifestation of a race of E.T.s who are monitoring things on Earth directly with individuals - something like a guardian. I felt nothing evil about this being at all, but more like a real family member, like one would feel about a brother. 


They are small stature Nordic types, half the size of a human, but well-proportioned humanoids, as opposed to the dwarfism we see on Earth. I have honestly been visited by a large blue being, who was similar to a Hindu god, but much darker blue. She was a very earthy being who came after a night when I called wildly with primal screaming for the Earth spirit to visit me - my neighbors probably thought I was a nut. It felt good to do it at any rate. I was really loud. So that evening I was vividly visited by her, she got right in my face, and gestured as one would do to shush someone. It was nice to know she existed, though I just felt her. She made me feel happy for yelling out into the universe, and her gesture felt sarcastic and comical. She was just telling me she heard me loud and clear. Another being I saw just as vivid was a black slick looking serpentine queen, who had skin similar to that of one of H. G. Gieger’s alien creatures. I felt that she was very beautiful - the way she carried herself. I didn’t feel anything evil about her, though anyone’s rational mind would have been scared. She was pretty neat. It was nice to see her floating around in her mercy, misty, basalt environment. I called her a queen because she kind of slithered up onto a throne, and casually put her hand on her chin while looking at me. She didn’t smile, but I felt as though she did. I have also contacted a race of Paraquins that are usually invisible to Earthlings, but love the arts and acting. It wouldn’t surprise me to see these beings in a Shakespearean play, for example. They usually dawn harlequin type clothing, or clown makeup so that they can simulate an Earth body. I get mixed feelings from them because they are so much like us, and I would go as far as saying they are us in a physical, but invisible realm here on Earth. They are very old beings and have inspired kings and queens, along with the arts, science and other aspects of European and Indigenous cultures. They love us because they love creation, that is the feeling I get from them. I have been guided the most by this race of beings, because they, more than the others, communicate in a space when I’m having an out-of-body experience to avoid the sentinels, who try and hear what they have to say. These psychic sentinels are part of a sentinel program developed by the military to spy on human-E.T. contact, but cannot listen in on someone who is not in the physical realm or if they are having an OBE. I learn so much in that space because the E.T.s don’t hold back like the others, they will tell me all I can handle in that space, but it has its price, I normally get snapped back in hard, and it feels as though I was in a car accident. Physical pain can result from this type of OBE communication. It is the most difficult for humans, I’m sharing this from experience. I was told by these beings that at some point every human is somewhat abducted for testing, during an OBE, usually they wake confused about what happened, but more times than not they feel good about it, because they will appear to that person as something they want to see, or can accept like a religious figure of Mary or Asherah. These etheric types can manifest as anything our perception will allow them to see. I don’t like lies, and they know it, so they just appear to me as they are. I am not judgmental about what form they take, as I have seen many diverse life forms on Earth, and feel the same way about our Earth creatures. The universe is extremely diverse, there are humanoid beings with legs like a spider, with more than one head, some with tentacles, and others with an antenna. Earth encapsulates all of those aspects in nature, so humans should be the last species to make judgment calls on life forms - we should be use to it by now. I think it is amazing that we have come so far, and have grown to see past the shell to really feel the being inside, at the very least, for survival. It is worth the practice. I have also used remote sensing to communicate with these beings similar to Ingo Swann, and like those early experiments of drawing what I see, my main communication comes through graphics in space images as well as my art. It is similar to how remote viewing or sensing works. The key to that is frequency and light energy that comes from us. It acts as a portal of communication. It is a wonderful concept to explore, even if one has never heard of such things. I fully encourage everyone to try it during meditations and dreams, through automatic drawing and writing, whatever is easier. Try using things like fresh watermelon or gardenias to trigger memories.


Forty-two years later, after a traumatic life of lessons geared toward imagery and the arts, I began to find the illusive images that I saw when I was fifteen years old. This discovery brought my life in a full circle to which every day seems like the past, in a sense, like I have done this before.