Lion Beings Embedded in NASA Mars images

The Felines ET's


PARADIMENSIONAL SPACE ART In 1982, Bret Colin Sheppard was 15 years of age and an aspiring art student, when he was asked to stay after school with another art student and view a slideshow presentation of some very strange art. The woman who showed him this art was from SRI, Stanford Research Institute and Bret felt a strange sense of deja’ vu as he was shown the images and he never forgot the experience. Bret went on to have a professional career in art, his art style being of a surrealistic type, a dreamscape of the mind. Years later, Bret is strangely compelled to pursue research into space images of the moon. He founds the Lunar Anomaly Research Society and, along with other anomalists, peruses lunar imagery looking for structures, unnatural architecture and other types of anomalies. Then, he is confronted with an image that stirs his memory and he is seeing an image that he remembers seeing as a teenager in that darkened room. This sends him on a quest, looking for more of this surreal, embedded imagery that is found in hundreds of space mission photography. Over time, Bret becomes convinced he is seeing what may be extraterrestrial or extradimensional (ET/ED) beings in contact with humanity by embedding imagery into space photographs using an advanced holographic technique. This book is an art book, he has not created the imagery but rather finds it and highlights it as a unique art form. He discovered the subject matter this art is based on, visualizes it, and then colorizes it to share with others. At first, he shares this with his Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) cohorts. Now, this fascinating imagery is available in this volume for others to enjoy. Karen Christine Patrick, Bret’s writing, and research partner, helps to uncover the mystery of these images as an astonishing paranormal paradox, suggesting that the imagery Bret has painstakingly illustrated quite possibly is Bret’s own work, made into a slideshow and sent back to his teenager self for him to see in 1982. The collection of these images may be, in fact, a body of work sent back in time. He has since helped Ken Johnston Sr get his undisclosed Apollo Era Lunar images online from original images from the 60’s.


Subtle is the word that comes to mind when thinking about the questions of our lives and concerning our illusory beautiful existence. We are the cognitive telepathic dreamers of films, books, art, science, and contemplations about astronomy. We are the wayfarers of our own portals and the embodiment of spirit. We are everything and just simply us on multiple timelines. We are sentient beings of a higher self and a higher collective, and proof of the existence of extra dimensionals. There isn’t anything we can’t do just by blowing in the wind like mature dandelion seeds. We are emotional beings with a huge capacity to care for one another. There isn’t anyone like us because of our ability to dream and create one another. We were all created from the love inside each of you. We have one foot in the door to self-awareness.


There are people that come into our lives as guardians and family that aren't part of our immediate family that have a profound impact on the direction of our lives. Those are some of the people that have touched mine and I suspect that they are aware multidimensional beings who recognize their own who are forced to live in a semi dimensional construct. we help each other through example, because of the importance placed on human experience as a tool for self-awareness.


A dream, cold street lamp lit scene. It was snowing that evening where this was. One older feline humanoid woman was upset about something serious as she put her hood up and walked away. There was no sunlight in this world of endless dark days with only artificial light to comfort them in the future. A male came to me and glanced at the old woman walking away and looked at me again "like whatever" in his thoughts. His face was like a lion but a mouth like ours with a pronounced cleft under his nose. I think he was her father and the woman was not happy with him for communicating with someone from the past. I feel very close to these beings. They feel like family. It feels like another place and yes too real to be a dream. The future. Could very well be now somewhere in the universe. Many of them have receding hairlines. Other than those features they feel like us. I wouldn't say highly intelligent or advanced but with other gifts like telepathy and remote viewing. they communicate with emotions and feelings as I've said before. The way we do when we let go. This image was from a Mars anomaly a friend showed me and was my interpretation of it. I think he saw something different. I can tell as an artist whats imaginary and what is real by the way it pops in unannounced so to speak. These beings are very real. Abductees, whether abducted by the government for experimentation, ritual, or cohesive projects with Non-terrestrial officers, can be a traumatic experience and they tend to monitor us for the better part of our lives. Many Non-terrestrial beings really don't want much to do with military anything because it simply isn't an issue where they are from. This is one form of the experience and usually coincides with an initial experience one has with ET's having nothing to do with military or government. Many times we are monitored by some esoteric secret part of our government because they are interested in the ongoing communications with these beings including communications with our higher selves or the ET part of us. We become very sensitive to the stranger instances in our lives like De Ja voux or other sensations that we have been here before. These are very human glimpses into what we call an experience. Some loose time even years of there lives are like a blackout or wandering through the grey matter after trauma. My initial experience with ET's was not at all traumatic but rather beautiful. The beings were in my dreams and where there when blackouts occurred from pain. They helped me cope by taking me out of my body so I didn't have to feel what was happening to me. What I learned later was that these experiences were not just my imagination but rather a part of another reality that I couldn't see unless triggered or traumatized. I would call them angels but it isn't the same. These beings looked like bugs and were able to pop in and out of my reality. I saw them as bright green in a waking state with large round mirror like eyes that almost seemed to send a signal making me feel certain emotions as if my emotions were being programmed for something later. I learned to communicate with them later after undergoing some experimentation with what I call death perception. I was put under anesthesia once when I had my tonsils out but something was different about the place and the people under the masks. They didn't seem human to me. I believe I received an implant that day. These implants I feel are trackers for the earth governments to use secret societies similar to those of the Thule and Vril societies who work really for secret governments. These government entities confused me a great deal for a long time until one day I was told that they are the trackers. The actual ET's do not need trackers or the use of implants because they are in fact telepathic.


The previous was my experiences with the Feline ET’s.


- Bret Colin Sheppard