Hughes Aircraft Employee Recalls Secret Technology

Disclaimer: As the subject of so-called “Flying Saucers” and anti-gravity technology is still either controversial or highly classified, if not secret, no names are used in the following dialogue.


During the years from 1984-1985 I worked in the mechanical design department at Hughes Helicopters in Culver City, California, designing and producing the then state of the art, AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter. As a footnote; It is to the companies great credit that, with modifications and technological improvements, this advanced aircraft is still in production almost 40 years later.


The Hughes Companies, through the support and encouragement of Howard Hughes, have always been known for developing highly unique and experimental aircraft. The engineers, scientists, machinists, etc... Were encouraged to push the envelope of then current technology in a liberal thinking environment. The general overall attitude seemed to be “We’ll never know unless we try it, so let’s try it and see.” Of course, there were some spectacular flops but then some spectacular successes such as the powerful, dual rotor “Sky Crane”, and the 500-D jet powered helicopter. The first machine to do a 360 degree inverted barrel roll.


It is in this context that I had the following experience.


After work many of us in the department would congregate at the Flying Tiger restaurant close by on Pacific Coast Highway where we’d socialize and “Talk Shop”. On one occasion, we were discussing the pro’s and con’s of merits related to theoretical gravity canceling technology, when an electrical engineer in our group invited us all to his home near by to look at something he was developing in his two car garage. On the floor of the garage we observed a silver metallic disc perhaps four to five feet in diameter and two feet tall at it’s center graduating to about ten inches around in circumference.


Along one wall of the garage I observed a bank of electronic equipment which I was unfamiliar with but, I recognized several oscilloscopes and two control sticks similar to those used on kids video games. After the engineer engaged some switches and adjusted two or three dials, The disc began to emit a low, humming sound and amazingly began to levitate from the floor. Being a skeptic from New York City, I instinctively looked for hidden wires or cables that may have supported the disc but, there were none.


As the disc levitated about three feet off the floor it wobbled slightly which the engineer corrected by manipulating the control stick and dials. I recall a feeling of static electricity on the hair, arms, and head which was not entirely uncomfortable.


During the course of the demonstration the engineer explained to us the principles and technology involved in the disc and about gravity cancellation in general. Due to the scientific nature of his explanation, much of it went over my head but, what I do recall forty years later is as follows in the following schematic and diagram.


Gravity being a weak force in nature, can be easily disrupted or canceled in the immediate area of two counter rotating electromagnetic discs. The discs lateral and vertical movement is directed by the application of more or less energy to the electromagnetic material around the circumference of the disc. More power on one side of the disc, will move it in the opposite direction while even, equal power around the circumference will lift or lower it. I remember the engineer saying that, all things considered, the physics and principles involved are rather basic and fundamental throughout the Universe.


As a curious footnote; This engineer died a short while later under what company rumor considered mysterious circumstances. At least no one in my department seemed to know how or why he died.


His Resume from 1972-1988


TRW Aerospace, Redondo Beach, Ca / Mechanical Design Dept.


● Jr. Support Engineer/Technical Illustrator. Gamma Ray Observatory.


● Technical/Commercial/Graphic Artist.


Hughes Aircraft/Helicopter division, Culver City, Ca.


● AH64 Apache Attack Helicopter


Boeing Aircraft, Seattle, Wa.


● Technical Illustrator/Production Artist 747 & SST proposals.


Several Aerospace subcontractors for various Southern California Companies, Hawthorne Support, Ca.


● Night Production Supervisor


● JPL ( Jet Propultion Lab) publications


The Hughes Aircraft Company was a major American aerospace and defense contractor founded in 1932 by Howard Hughes in Glendale, California as a division of Hughes Tool Company. The company was known for producing, among other products, the Hughes H-4 Hercules Spruce Goose aircraft, the atmospheric entry probe carried by the Galileo spacecraft, and the AIM-4 Falcon guided missile.


Hughes Aircraft was acquired by General Motors from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1985 and was put under the umbrella of Hughes Electronics, now known as DirecTV, until GM sold its assets to Raytheon in 1997


On December 31, 1985 General Motors merged Hughes Aircraft with its Delco Electronics unit to form Hughes Electronics Corporation, an independent subsidiary. The group then consisted of: Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company Delco Electronics Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Company.