"Listening to the Planets"

As I suspected, it would take us back far into the history of human extraterrestrial communication which shaped our cultures and tribes into what they are today. Ancient Astrology though not considered scientific today is still an extremely important part of our understanding of how our ancestors perceived their world and other worlds. There is a great and obvious ET influence on the shaping of Earth.

Aside from the non-self illuminating planets, we have many suns, some small and some large like our sun. science calls them stars but to the millions of planets out there these stars act just as our sun for us, so the chance that life exists out there like our Earth is very high. Makes me wonder what kind of light sustains life and what kind out there is damaging. Seems this light is dangerous if we are too close to it, so the conditions would have to be exactly right. No wonder the ancients saw the light as either the devil or an angel. It is this light that creates shadows and gives us our perception of the worlds in the night sky. But what about the light of thought or light of the soul, is this a reference to the sun as well or something altogether different. The first contact was probably what we might perceive as a woman (Womb-Man, Androgynous) from the stars by the oldest records we have, and the remote viewing of the past that has been done. This space being communicated telepathically and inserted imagery with sound into the dimensional holographic space of our minds, very similar to the way we communicate with animals. In paleo times we spoke to the animals the way we speak to each other today. Animals, reptiles birds, insects, plants etc... have different frequencies and vibrational output for morphogenic communication but what they all have in common is the canvas or environment, that we are all connected to. None of the building blocks of any of those life forms can be considered terrestrial only the birth material (Maternal) that connects all living things on any planet. All living things communicate in a sub-environment or dimension that today would be considered insane or anti-Christos, just to speak of it; Yet here we are trying to use science to explain common natural sense. It is clear that we are all extraterrestrial in origin, but the unanswered question is when exactly did this take place? hardly record-able if the original observer is not yet present in the beginning; Nonetheless we have common sense and patterns which are quite scientific. Answers that come from the oldest patterns are always the closest to the truth, but science has lost this tool in its mediocrity. The inescapable truth is that the impossible happened according to modern science, the impossible is the mere fact that we exist proves that existence is merely a function of a collective concentric holographic perception of a world. The unborn or body fewer lives would have an altogether different perception of what it means to be human, and only the experience of a maternal life literally matters beyond scientific analysis.  We come from the womb, space, Void, beyond the vale of a false Paternal concept of reality. We come from the archetypal mother which is to say neither masculine or feminine because those are merely human perceptions of material differences. Male and female is at its core a false perception and is simply a tool for entertaining the hierarchical mind.  

This book explores the possibility that we have been in contact with extraterrestrial sources since the beginning of time, and delves into ancient and contemporary methods of E.T. communication. Moving past whether or not entities exist in a natural universe, and the overwhelming evidence that E.T.’s do exist in many forms including inter-dimensional, and focuses on types of communication with these entities. Different methods used include ancient communication through natural observation, remote viewing, meditation, mediation with spirit boards, radio telescopic signals, relay satellites, EVP, and telepathy. Our individual perception plays a key role in the discernment of these types of communication.

We shouldn’t ignore the ancient perception of our ancestors regarding how extraterrestrial life relates to life on Earth. From a prehistoric perspective, Earthlings have always looked to the sky for answers about their origins. These ideas of origin often transmuted into religious ideas, as well as more practical ideas such as Lunar and Solar cycles to help them determine seasons for growing crops, as well as early forms of keeping time based on the position of certain astronomical bodies. The ancient druid leaders and shamans did this by arranging stones in procession and alignment with the stars and observable seasonal positions of our sun and moon. There were other types of zoomorphic Hierophany that took place in observance of nature when looking at patterns in rock formations, trees, and clouds etc... That often communicated to them different ideas about gods and goddess representations that were clear to them though perception is a peculiar thing to us now, and is often represented in modern times as daytime hallucinations and psychological disorders. If we ignore nature then we are ignoring our origins as well.

Since 1968 plans were devised to release information about our moon, space civilizations and the philosophical view that we are not alone. In the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001 a space odyssey concepts of ET communication in the form of an obelisk on the moon was seen and some crap about us coming from monkeys which was almost done sarcastically in the attempt to keep the main public in the dark about our true origins then at the end of the movie suggesting that we were perhaps born in space. The real agenda is much darker in the actual later date 2001. Plans to traumatize us all with 9/11 and the deliberate ramp up to once again move closer to a patriarchy with the advent of the Ancient Alien theory which focuses on Anunaki god-kings who were actually the Assyrian actual kings and ancestors of the Babylonian states as well as Assur. Some of these kings are traced back to Ukraine 20,000 years ago. The information is cleverly delivered to us to give links and some sick credence to the bloodlines of these kings and twist them into leading us to believe that they landed merely 3,000 years ago and gave us technology or even created us. Our elitist rulers will then devise a way to make themselves like Gods in our altered perception of them. The same old tricks of the so-called gods. It irritates me that there foreknowledge and a plan to what is happening today. You Bet !. Our true history has been altered to hide inconvenient truths about our complete equality in who we are and where we came from. Ancient Aliens the show altered our perception by mixing some truths with a convenient theory that only benefits Elitist views, and attempts to corner the market on that perception. Who are the Ancient Alien Theorists they speak of, are they so afraid to put their name on some of the ridiculous things they tell us to sell their books and promote their show? I have talked with many speakers on that show and they are either skeptical or have absolutely no belief in what they tell us on that show, so why should we listen to them? To be fair I would have to put the blame on "Some Ancient Alien Theorists!" by design. 

With the advent of an experiencer's revolution and the psychology involved with background information, it is an interesting thought that many experiencers’s tend to create myths around an already extraordinary experience awakened with the desire to communicate a story that is hard to explain. Information that points to these ideas shouldn't be regarded as disinformation just because someone colorizes their black and white experience. Often I have noticed many will keep certain things a mystery simply because they are taboo subjects to talk about. The taboo subject is often exactly why some mythos is created to tell sensitive stories with allegory or amalgam. It is a complexity for sure, when these myths based on an underlying reality come to light, revealing the end of a long uneventful road. This is why many experiencers hang on to the mystery rather than just blurt out the secrets and names involved with their experience, let alone the issue of the facts also in question from people seeking proof. A proof is not necessary for an experiencer because they already had personal proof, and encourages reflection with others who have had similar experiences. No two experiences of the same thing will be alike because of perception, as is the case with mi-lab abductions and UFO experiences; Though, the similarities are too many to ignore. There are those that are hurting others by adapting other peoples extraordinary experiences into a collective which diminishes the facts and authenticity of the actual individual experience in order to control public perception or opens the door for other nefarious reasons. 

There is a myriad of beings coexisting with us in a natural Universe, in and out of the morphogenic field, and in the Akasha of thought form in which beings exist as a record of what will be in future timelines. There are ancient understandings of the nature of inter-dimensional travel that is to say nonlinear travel to places that cohabitant with the 3rd dimension. One vehicle discussed is light travel using conceptual Markab or sacred geometric concepts in the light. Into the dream light, anything is possible. Light travels through all dimensions which are right here with us and all is possible with light information. If we can think it, it exists somewhere in our Multidimensional Universe, and all worlds are not separate but are in fact “dimensionally” one. There is no real differentiation or separation which can truly define the dimensions. Science has tried to classify these but there is little to describe any transitions between these veils of existence. Light is still only an observation in science and a mystery about the inner workings of photons. Light just exists without any real proof aside from just our concepts and perception. We know the light is a mysterious mechanism that even allows us to observe some of the unique aspects of its behavior. Light is solely responsible for our concept that we exist at all in this physical hologram. Our own existence is in question, but because of the miracles light produces we can say without any real proof of concept that we do in fact exist. It is not always the visual perception that defines any created being in the Universe, a sensory phenomenon generally confined to the 3rd dimension.

It is within this underlying reality that I view the existence of all beings. The main expression of our underlying reality is love, but there are others that focus on mystery and superstition regarding the demonetization of entities with the main target pointed directly at what it means to be human. What it means to be evil or good has fallen upon certain religious or philosophical ideas about the underpinning of nature, and are both perceptual ideas that I steer away from when defining cultural classifications of spiritual or physical entities because of the bias or prejudice nature of those thought forms. An example would be Darwin’s Social Engineering, or The Spanish Inquisition during the famous Witch hunts of Europe and early colonies in the U.S. Regarding perceptual views, I am not so open minded or Naive to think there are not ill intentions of any entities because it is obvious that the patterns exist in humanity, so why would we expect all entities to be benevolent cross-culturally.

I would assume however that the entities that would contact us having the technological power to blow our world up, do in fact care about our human situation and the Earth rather than something else that may be caused by other human superstitions or militant insecurities. Aside from that, I believe that ET’s to include human ET’s have been on Earth with us since the beginning, some living among us today that we refer to as human angels, and Spiritual Walk in’s. I think we are all very special that way and have a job to do for each other. The creation of man in just about all sacred texts is either coming from outer space or born of the space where the Earth is ( inner space). The human is born as spirit as the shell seems to be trial and error. This says a lot to me about what I think we are. A spirit within a space suit. Many of these texts say that the suit is weak and flawed, that it is our spirit or energy derived from the spirit that gives this primordial body life. All texts say that the spirit is immortal in the way that the spirit never dies, but the mortal coil is weak and necessary to exist in this atmosphere. It has no spare parts yet it's energy and substance is recycled, belonging to the Earth it will return from where it came. We are living in a heavenly school of perception where the spirit is the reality and the substance is an illusion. We don't have to be afraid of death because the true us never dies. Symbolically, it's very much like changing clothes. The perception of this world truly is upside down and backward, like a mirror we reflect off of each other our negative reinforcement and our reverse lessons. We see the mistakes of others and learn more than when observing the correct example. Our perception demands that we learn our own individual way through experience, not through osmosis. We need to take care of each other's physical selves by way of our collective and connected immortal spirits to survive physically. We should all scrap modern and ancient beliefs and work toward a new paradigm that is inclusive instead of exclusive. One that we can all relate to. This would ensure that we weren't making the same mistakes as our ancestors and see the world with a new natural perception with the knowledge of our most ancient history. I think the good news is that religion is and was all bullshit and we can do better without rehearsing the social engineering that took place and focuses on adaptation instead of socially engineered ideas of evolution. We have had ancient lairs as well as ignorant modern lairs trying to control us on all levels physically and mentally. That is what SRI experiments were all about.

It is hard to conceive for the human perception that anything existed before there was light. Darkness and light are our illusion and it is that illusory perception of not being able to see without eyes that the nocturnal predator counts on to devour us in the dark, and the same way a human predator can trick us in broad daylight through the illusion it chooses for us to see. Being blind or in the dark does not mean literal darkness is necessary to pull the wool over our eyes. Let's unwind some of that wool. I am currently working on this book and will try to get it out by fall of 2018. 

How ET's may Speak to Humans

Here is a clue that all the great sages and channelers of ancient history may have been speaking with ET's the whole time on Earth including Apocrapha's. We have never been alone and always had help which has been badly interpreted in ancient times. We have turned them into gods which were never the intention of the ET but rather an assumption of the medium interpreting the information. I spoke with Karen Christine Patrick my lady and she confirmed that they actually speak that way and that they are in fact either ET's or interdimensional beings.

It is interesting to me that the ancient Vedas are written not so different than modern communications with ET's. In a broken cryptic style. E.G... Vedic 


1 BEAUTIFUL Vāyu, come, for thee these Soma drops have been prepared: Drink of them, hearken to our call.


2 Knowing the days, with Soma juice poured forth, the singers glorify Thee, Vāyu, with their hymns of praise. 


3 Vāyu, thy penetrating stream goes forth unto the worshipper, Far-spreading for the Soma-draught. 


Eg. E.T. communication: “They proceeded to tell us that Ivana is endowed with a special power. She is a sort of navigator – one capable of mediating computer-transmissions to other people. “ ‘Often’, they told us. ‘ we measure the pressures over your electrical generation plants. Not all of our research is, however, something we can actually discuss with you. ‘


I wonder if George Lucas had insight into how they actually speak, with his Yoda Character, as well as Stephen Spielberg with his E.T. character. 


Yoda Quote: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” ...


E.T. quote"E.T. phone home." 


Even if the ancient mediums wrote it down word for word they were not talking to a god because it was said in the third person. E.g... "Brahma is the creator" 


People wanting to correct it in proper language do not understand the intention and multidimensionality of the communication. This is when it is usually misinterpreted to fit the perceptual bias of the initial channeler. That is why I like that Ilona and Ivana do not try and correct the speech even though it is cryptic sounding. What they are doing is very sincere and genuine. - Bret Colin Sheppard