"I Am Not A Ghost" Human Exploration of the Extraterrestrial Spirit

When I began this journey of research regarding spiritual type communication with extraterrestrials I did not expect to find a profound collaboration between independent sources. The Title of this book “I AM NOT A GHOST” were the very first words uttered from EBE Olie an ET who has been communicating with Ilona and Ivana Podhrázská for many years now. I thought it would be appropriate since these beings are not ghosts but part of our manifested material world. Some of these beings are like light bodies described in Eastern philosophy, while other beings describe themselves as quite physical. The one thing humans have in common with these entities is our extraterrestrial spirit that inhabits the human magnetic machine. I would like to say that anything that we regard as the spirit is of an extraterrestrial perception, but our human perception of these beings can vary based on the experience of the individual having their human experience.

Communication between humans and the spirit world have always fascinated me, and I have discovered that the only difference between some ancient communications and those with ET’s is that the ET will claim to be an actual entity where communications with other spirits claim to be not of our world or any world but rather dimensional or multidimensional. What fascinates me is that both types of communication have in common is that both claim to be ALIVE. 

Some of my discoveries about the world we live in and what is said about it in ancient texts, I find repeat themselves in all world religions. The conceptual direct copies from one religion to another, all start out with a creation story followed by their perception of God. These things do not interest me as much as the perceptual communication between our world and the thinning Veil. Communications between Enoch and Angels, Rishis and Hindu Deities, Apocryphal John and the Seraphim. The modern era of the internet opened the world library up so research has become a pass time of many, which created new myths and new philosophies based on perception and interpretation of the already existing material. I am excited to present some findings, opinions, and philosophy about this interesting subject related to our perception of what an Extraterrestrial actually is, and how that is related to the human spirit. I am currently working on this book to be released in the fall of 2018.