"Into the Dream Light" by Bret Colin Sheppard

The 1960‘s were a magical time to a very young little boy who saw the world with a certain inherited preconception. He felt as though he never even knew his family at least in the spirit sense. He was often yelled at, seemingly for no reason and underwent unspeakable abuse through the years. One evening after such abuse he lay in his bed crying for God to come and end it all. Out from the corner of his imagination a spark of light, far from all the abuse and self hatred, and out of the darkness he suddenly felt a light touch, very loving that they just held him to bring comfort to his soul were there was none. These entities carried him away from his agony and longing for peace and was to be with him for the rest of his days. He opened his eyes and there was one in particular, she was very beautiful he thought, like the mother he never had. He knew her name in his head without asking for some reason “ Luna”. Her face shined like the moon, and she wore garments of silver lace with beautiful ancient symbols upon a white flowing, bright white gown. She and the others took him to the place of dreams and showed him the world he was helping to create, and what an enormous responsibility it was. As they walked him out in the backyard she explained to him that the ship is cloaked to look like your sky and it’s as big as one of your cities. Suddenly the starry sky seemed to open like a doorway of light that beamed down upon them. Out of the light of his imagination clear gelatin, crystal stairs appeared and as they walked up as if ascending to heaven she turned to him and said “most just imagine getting beamed up, but stairs are practical” as she gave him a wink. He asked her why? and she leaned down to his level and replied cryptically “ Because you knew us without knowing”, he nodded in his confusion. She said “ It was your tears that called us to you, as we care very much for the innocents of Earth young or old. It is your spirit that makes us so. It is why your thoughts are such an incredible responsibility.” He smiled and she smiled back at him with a warm bright glow. Once inside the ship the walls seemed to crystallize and meld into every imaginable shape of dreams, clownish faces, animals structures and many other things. It was like looking at clouds and making mental shapes appear. It was very beautiful to him he thought. She said “have a seat anywhere, peace be with you” He said “ but there isn’t anywhere to sit” She winked again and he sat trusting that he wouldn’t fall on his butt but on something soft. They all sat and landed on what looked like clear dry squishy chairs but they could only feel them it seemed. The pilot of the ship was very silly and short like the hight of a child. He seemed to have a white harlequin type mask on like part of his face but not attached, the mask was very much alive and behind it an elongated bald cream colored head, but it was a common appearance among Moonlings. She whispered “ They wear masks because they have low self esteem”, he said “oh and nodded”. She was so attentive to the little boy and listened to all of his dreams and aspirations of becoming an astronaut just like Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrich, as he opened up to her along the trip to? He asked “where are we going” She said “if you could only imagine as she smiled” They laughed and giggled as they left Earth’s orbit into “space”. As the light became lower in the spacecraft the walls became translucent and they could see everything. There were other craft zooming around and one of them even looked like the one Buck Rogers piloted. He was so excite he jumped up and spun as he looked around, he exclaimed “this is so cool!” Everything seemed to come straight from his imagination and from every pour of his context but was so real. There were ones that looked like typical flying saucers and some that were glowing spheres. What he was about to see even he could not believe his eyes for what he was about to see was the creation of his creation. It was his imagination turned loose into the universe, and was so as he was baptized in the sea of his living imagination. Everything seemed to be a reflection of his inner being. As he touched the walls of the ship it looked like watery rainbow light ripples. He gazed in awe out into space as the stars seemed so close and clear, clearer than any night sky on Earth. The moon seemed to get bigger and bigger as they approached as if he had never really seen the moon before at least not this way. He remembers vaguely watching the live telecast of the moon landing and thought “It doesn’t look like that at all, it’s so colorful.” She said of course we have an atmosphere a bit lighter than Earth’s but we have one and don’t worry you can breathe the air.” He said with concern “oh good.”


As the ship turned into it’s final approach to the lunar surface he gasped in awe at the enormous almost comical, sculptural, Gothic, deco architecture, beautiful as it seemed to reflect natural shapes like he has seen before on Earth. At first glance from farther out they just looked like rocks, and the closer they got he realized they weren’t rocks at all but titanium metallic sculptures and buildings. There were even bodies of water. The motherly being said, “Welcome to Dana.” He said, “Oh that's the prettiest name I can think of.” 


As I looked around into the soft moon glow at all the wonders my dream lights produced. A softness came over me as I began to understand where I was. I felt as though I was inside myself but it is so real I thought. I touched the glass sculpture of Poseidon and the mermaid laden with rainbow electromagnetic aura, and walked up the seemingly endless metal stairs covered in moon dust gathered in the corners. Two Druidic looking beings greeted us at the top and said they looked forward to our arrival. Luna said “He is the one” and into the Gothic archways we passed as I began to feel a bit faint. They assured me I would be ok and they needed to show me something important in their future. They said a man will come to correct the balance in our worlds so that the curtain between our worlds can open. It is a chain of events they explained that would not be easy for this young man. They took off their hoods and said you see we are a part of you. An endless dejavoux of you. Our timelines will eventually merge to reveal feelings that we have been with you the whole time, and that would be true young one. We have been waiting centuries for you to come and take your place among your tribe. Long ago Earth tribes had many names for us. Shining ones, fallen ones, Seraphim's, those from heaven to Earth that came, The El's. We have also been called angels, protectors of the key, Off worlders and others with any given context in different periods. We were also called gods but we are merely the creation. You look puzzled boy are you ok “Oh yes, I'm ok” he replied. They laughed and said don't worry you will understand when time permits. The boy was a bit frustrated and said “I'm old enough”. They smiled and said “you are older than we”. You see we naturally forget who we are when born to Earth beings. Your true name is Danel, you have been with the Earth tribes since the beginning because of your love for them, you stayed back and were raised up into mortality with the others who have fallen, that's what they call it, falling into mortality because it's not an easy task. Doing so creates both a wonderful duality capable of love through knowing the pain of life. It is why your life is so important. Without this occurring none of this would or could exist. No dreams without a context for them. We are guiding you as we are a part of you. We are your creation. As they walked me out down the long beautiful hall adorned with huge sculptures made of glass rock and titanium. I felt a bit lost but reasonably so. I felt shaky and in that moment emotions came over me remembering a portion of the past they told me. It was love and I suddenly realized that we are all connected, as I turned around I saw the pilot of the ship he was crying solemnly by a glowing white pillar. I said please don't cry. I put my hand on his face and wiped the tears from his mask. I removed his mask as I too was crying in empathy for the poor creature. I was shaking and said “ See we don't need this anymore, we are all beautiful in the dream light. He grabbed me and held on tight and said “ I will miss you. I never felt that before” Danel said “we will always be together, just think. I will be right back because time doesn't exist for us as I smiled he suffered his first smile without a mask and cried tears of joy, he wiped his tears and nodded reassuringly. The other masked creatures saw what had happened, and one by one began to take their masks off. It was a day of independence for the Moonlings as they cheered and honored Danel and the pilot for their freedom.  I turned back to Luna and as we were walking back to the ship, Luna smiled and said “ You are always home here, child of the dream light. When you have remembered more; I will explain more but for now we will tuck you back in your bed because your life is an important mission and a great responsibility for all of us. “You Swear” he replied. Someday sol light, the fate of our world will be in your hands.”“ There she goes, not making any sense again”, he thought. Then she smiled at me like she usually does. She said “Someday you will once again remember who you are and know in your heart that you are never alone”.