Bret Colin Sheppard was born in Gary Indiana on September 17, 1966. He has been through an extraordinary amount of childhood trauma, and early ET abduction by benevolent ET’s helping him through his trauma. During his childhood, he was taught esoteric knowledge from various books given to him by members of his mother's friends and cult members of various organizations. He was groomed as an artist by a beautiful Nordic woman named “INO” who worked at the time as a caricature artist for Playboy magazine. She taught him all about perception, and how to draw what he sees in nature.


10 yrs old Lincoln Park 1976


"For all intensive purposes, my strange story begins with a young impressionable boy. It was the 70’s. I was ten years old and interested in drawing portraits of people. I wasn’t very good technically but had potential through the eyes of a woman that seemed to have disappeared from Earth. She was a real teacher for me and took an interest developing my natural abilities. She showed me through the mirror of my eyes who I really was. Her name is INO and didn’t have a last name.She was someone my mom dated out of Chicago in Lincoln Park where we would often visit her and her amazing wall puzzles with tiny pieces. I remember the huge Gorilla at the Lincoln Park zoo which is now stuffed and on exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. I use to go there and draw the animals with INO and yes later on field trips to the museums. We use to sketch the animals at the zoo as well. I had great admiration for the staff at the zoo and if there was anything else I wanted to be when I grew up it would be the caretaker of all animals. I loved animals people included. INO was a cartoon artist by profession and worked for Playboy Magazine under Shel Silverstein and Phil Interlandi. She was a very gifted artist and for me in a sense was my orientation into the art world. I had since took art classes at whatever school I was in to further develop techniques. I learned more from other students after the instructors initialized a foundation, like shading and perspective as well as the color wheels. I hardly ever had money to buy art supplies but occasionally got them on holidays or birthdays. I wasn’t very good with color because of my bizarre natural perceptions. Somehow the hologram in my mind makes mostly gray scale figures but always photo realistic. My art was quite surreal at an early age, and I did have a difficult time with instruction. 1976 was the year I learned about the balance between the darkness and the light."


Bret Colin Sheppard experienced a time anomaly where his anomaly finds from the future were shown to him in art class at his high school. Whoever did this time mission also knew that Bret has a photographic memory. Years later, he feels compelled to pursue looking for anomalies in NASA images of the moon and Mars. He is known in the anomaly community for some of his finds, the Lunar Acropolis, the "Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars" and the Lion of Cydonia. Bret is writing his book on his anomaly finds, plus what he found deconstructing the manipulation of photos from space by our space agencies. His current book is called "Flyover Tsiolkovsky Crater" about the base on the moon seen by Ken Johnston Sr, NASA Whistleblower. His new book is "Digital Moon" published in August of 2017, is about the processes of CGI and other methods used by NASA to obfuscate anomalies, plus Bret's extraordinary journey as an experiencer, shown the future at 15 years of age by an agency operative of the government. He went on to found the “Lunar Anomaly Research Society” to reveal what he has discovered in Lunar images. Bret is also involved in groundbreaking research involving ancient cultures and the Matriarchy led by the graphic divination of Lunar and other images.



I am living proof of this statement by Dan Winter


"What I believe SRI is interested in is finding people that have cognition of a time before (Dejavoux) or of a future time (Precognition). They use these subjective images to test that. they are looking for spiritual time jumpers.For instance someone an employee of NASA analyses an image and stumbles upon this very thing colors it the same to highlight the objects and shows it to the staff. They then take the image and show it to people in the future and ask how it makes them feel or what they see in it. They being esoteric are looking for the same spirit that first perceived the image back in the 60's but in another embodiment in the 80's. They may be looking for someone who can tell them the future directly or indirectly through images. This study of precognition led to remote viewing. ~ Dan Winter ~ from dan-winters-galactic-history-of-dna-series

About NASA Space images and Embedded Art

These are some of the main images I was shown back in 1982 in an art class. I discovered these 35 years later embedded in grey scale Lunar Orbiter images on NASA's official sites. Lunar Orbiter missions took place the year I was born. See if you can see the strange subject matter artistically in these images. I have tinted them in color but the image information is intact. That reminds me the ones they showed me back in 1982 were also in color just like these, yet the original NASA images were in Black and White, grey-scale. It has taken me almost my entire life to discover these.There are many more. I intend to do drawings of these things so that it helps people see them in the original NASA images I also know on some dimensional levels that this is my own artwork embedded in these images. I have not discovered the mystery of how they got embedded in moon and mars images but still open to find out whatever the answers might be. Perception is a wonderful thing let me know what you see, even if you think it's silly. That is what the lady from Stanford SRI said to me when she showed me these on a slide carousel from Kodak in 1982, just like NASA used to show executives about space. There are only 132 images in this album, there are hundreds more in my archive.  All of these were from Lunar Orbiter Lunar images taken from about 60 miles from the surface so no these things are not actually there and in most cases, the entire Lunar Orbiter image makes up a very deliberate composition embedded in the image. The complexity is that no matter how much you zoom in the patterns and themes are consistent. There is no coincidence here. I had also seen the exact same images shown to me in 1982 in an art class by a lady named Ximena from Stanford Research, asking me what I perceive in the images. I had tried to contact Ximena and my art instructors and each one gave the same reply, "I don't recall." It has been the greatest mystery of my life so I pursued everything about our space images. It was a knowing to me at an early age that something was really off on a timeline but I did get confirmation through these images and others that were there. What is embedded in the images is a psychological history of archetypes from humanity and our galactic community. The images are psychoactive causing right brain activity dreaming and downloads. From what I gather from this experience these images are heavily tampered with. I did the best I could preserving the image information as most of these represent a large surface area of the moon or are suppose too. Another interesting and awfully dated thing to note is that it is in the style of artists from the 60's like Chesley Bonnestel , various Disney artists, as well as Frank Frazetta, Boris Veljo, Salvadore Dali, and many others. All coincidental art heroes from my early art interests. This was the topic and journey expressed in "Digital Moon" a book I wrote about this complex mind-bending journey.



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Physical Book Digital Moon by Bret Colin Sheppard


Bret Sheppard has written this highly unusual book to describe his voyage of rediscovery of the meanings of lunar photographs he believes he was deliberately shown as a young child. As an adult, he has come full circle, having found these official NASA photos, many deliberately altered or modified to suit the national policy du jour, and now has learned to trust his inner vision as a talented artist and meta-physician, to perceive the true images found in these photos. In his view, these images have been implanted or overlaid by non-human entities wishing to communicate with us. He believes this has been accomplished by means of manipulating the refraction's of the photons of light as they are captured by our cameras and telescopes. The various images he sees and sketches from these lunar photographs often contain images of mythological beings from Greek, Roman and European history, gods and strange creatures like Satyrs or the fearsome Minotaur. It is as if our collective consciousness containing our actual history and fantasies are etched in reality – hidden, yet staring at us in plain sight! Like an optical illusion, we just need to adjust our brain (not our eyes) to see them.


Nancy du Tertre Attorney, psychic detective, and author “Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know” and “How to Talk to an Alien”


Book Review: Digital Moon: An Extraterrestrial Experience

Moon is not just a moon, it has bases, interstellar ships, and whatever you think is impossible. Oh, it reminds me of the manipulated moon images of NASA, hidden mythological figures in lunar photographs, secret space programs, humanoids on Earth, and Out of Body Experience. Does it feel like sci-fi?


I was damn sure that Bret C. Sheppard’s “Digital Moon” was worth reading. As the name suggests, there is something interesting waiting to be known to humanity. Bret is completely aware that he had seen some lunar images in color before they were published, thanks to his photographic memory – “the fact reminds that I am seeing these works of art in NASA space images now, and I was shown these same works in the past”. He insists that extraterrestrials exist and has been communicating with him via telepathy. The artistic ability of him reveals that lunar photographs consist of mythological figures from Greek, Rome.


“If someone sees more than what they are supposed to in an image, would we comfortably say they are just nuts, praise their creativity, or perhaps ask what it means?”


The author not only explains a phenomenon but also shares his experience related to it. He says he was once taken to the Moon and had a chance to meet the moonlings – “extraterrestrials are friendly”. He then adds some incredible tales of other encounters in this book. Moreover, Bret is sure that the Apollo images had been modified for the public. He first starts with the perception of the human eye, the ability to recognize various shapes and lines without a previous context in artists are highly active. Generally, the left and the right side of the brain juggle perception to make out shapes that are previously seen. It is strange that one can actually control the behavior of a person by simply placing an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus. Sheppard bravely states that the original images of the moon were different from the ones that had been uploaded, these images had blackened background. Is it because they didn’t want us to know the ancient ruins on the moon?


If you still believe that this planet belongs to only humans, no, change your decision. This book points out the various “creatures” or call it extraterrestrials from different planets millions of light years away.


” The ubiquitous “aliens,”


he insists, are at the heart of the federal UFO cover-up, visitors from a


civilization “a few million, or even a few billion years older than we




~ Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut. ~


However, Bret has put some effort to contact a few abductees to share their experience which adds a credit to the book.


I must say that skeptics must work harder to prove a phenomenon wrong as the evidence is getting stronger and Bret C. Sheppard’s “Digital Moon” has set an example for this. -JUNE 25, 2018 POOJA MOHAN